A switchable laminated glass that features two panels of glass, two sheets of interlayer, and a smart film. This laminated structure provides immense strength that won’t shatter when damaged.


Smart glass is manufactured by integrating the smart film (PDLC) between two glass panels held in place by an interlayer of PBV/ EVA material. Typically, Seoli uses the EVA material which provides greater resistance to shattering. This bonding process means that the film can be simply applied to any type or thickness of glass, creating a solution with optimum clarity. The film is then supplied with copper and silver wiring that can be plugged to a transformer. By applying electricity with a simple ON – OFF mode the film switches from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition. Smart glass can be manufactured in sizes up to 1500mm wide with custom sizes / shapes available on request. Multiple panels can be joined together to create large switchable glazed walls or partitions. This unique glass technology can also be used as a high definition rear projection screen to display TV images and videos. Depending on clients’ preference, Seoli can offer the individual films on its own (without the glass) or the finished product i.e smart glass`(film integrated within the glass panels). 


Seoli has has three different colors of films; milky white, light gray, and dark grey. However, our smart films have the ability to adapt to any colored glass of the clients’ choosing. 

The Details

Here are the specs for Smart Film and Glass