Smart super
clear film

A switchable film that has better transparency than normal PDLC film enables you to have better view at ON(transparent) status while its OFF(opaqueness) is lower to allow users to keep a certain view for safety and to avoid any confinement feeling. Smart Super Clear Film (SCF) is typically applied to car, train windows and exterior windows.


Smart Super Clear Film and Glass have higher transparency than the normal PDLC products when they are switched on. Since their opacity is a bit lower than the normal PDLC ones to see the opposite side a little bit when they are switched off. The Super Clear Products are usually applied to outside windows, car and train windows to avoid a possible feeling of confinement if the windows are too opaque. 


Seoli has has three different colors of films; milky white, light gray, and dark grey. However, our smart films have the ability to adapt to any colored glass of the clients’ choosing. 

The Details

Here are the specs for Smart Film and Glass