Our applications are limitless.

From commercial offices and building to limousine services or even your residence, our service is guaranteed with no compromise on privacy.


Being the biggest market for smart glass and film, the commercial sector sees the world’s largest corporate brands opting for this innovative technology. Its dual functionality of transparency and privacy seamlessly integrates with contemporary open plan designs, thus creating spaciousness, open views and sunlight into every hotel, bathroom and office interior with no compromise of privacy.


Privacy and luxury have always been priorities for homeowners, making smart glass’s key features ideal to enjoy openness and sunlight while having privacy at the push of a button. This technology also encourages architects and designers to replace curtains, drapes and blinds with more creative and contemporary solutions. For home theatre lovers, smart glass can also be implemented as a screen to project on.


Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a top priority in any healthcare facility. Traditional curtains are known to increase hygienic risks for patients, therefore smart glass is the perfect JCI standard solution to keep a hospital or clinic sterilized while providing privacy for patients and staff alike. With the display capabilities of the technology, doctors and nurses can also monitor vitals or project lab results onto the glass. 


With the growing popularity of electronic window tints in architectural design, its use in the auto industry comes as an innovative progression. Smart glass for vehicles can provide numerous functional benefits to your vehicle design as well as an aesthetic appeal to impress any car owner. Benefits include glare reduction, temperature control and UV protection. For this specific application, Seoli offers the super clear smart film which has a higher transparency than other PDLC to avoid a feeling of confinement.


The next generation of switchable smart glass projection screen is the ultimate product for a visual display that can give a new purpose to any environment. Whether it’s to transform the windows of a storefront to a digital ad, showcase high-quality videos on any glass surface or transparent holographic elements, this technology is limitless. Available as glass, film and self-adhesive, smart glass is ideal for car showrooms, concerts, live events, retail stores, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, visitor attractions and museums.